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Graeme and Vel Fraser have completed corporate law litigation Casebook VII -
The South African Courts have been approached for relief across a wide and at times novel platform of corporate conduct, aligned to the Companies Act 2008. Juridical precedent has covered varying matters inter alia - contractual triggers; a settlement agreement made a Court Order and how an appellant was felled by his own sword; tax and prescription; a non costs award for the Companies Intellectual Property Commission referred a case by the Companies Tribunal; a duces taecum summons, an overbroad subpoena, a stay due to unpaid taxed costs; ten defenses raised in lieu of summary judgment; a technical dispute via an ordinary board resolution and an unsigned minuted resolution with power. Allegations of directoral and a doctor’s self interest at his patients' expense; a [UK] petitioner's intended threats of statutory demand for majority shares; a majority shareholder's refusal to value shares én bloc with net asset value; non-extension of locus standi and remedy to a nominee shareholder*; two liquidators persisting in a R50million purchase price claim of an insolvent company; a non-competition interdict in the absence of a restraint clause; a surety's liability for commercial rent; two valuations of a hotel and spa - the diffentiation being CHF 37million; mitigated enrichment in terms of two trusts; environmental impact; an asset seized in error; a driver licensed in terms of a GVM tag axle of 12000 tons exposed by insurance as driving a 15000 ton truck; the scope of an empowering cessionary and banker relationship reduced to writing; an appellant's consolidated damages claim between competitive airlines..*Companies Act 1973.
Graeme and Vel Fraser are busy with corporate law books 12,13 and 14.

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The South African Rand is, despite what some political 'forecasts' may have you believe, standing relatively firm at a time when sentiment is strongly aligned against developing countries, especially the BRICS nations, writes Graeme and Vel Fraser.